Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beluga Whale : Birthday Cake

There is a girl named Eva. First fact I ever knew about her was that she loved beluga whales. I was actually told not to ask her about them because she would carry on forever about how much she loved them. Don't tell me not to do something. I asked her and her face lit up and she was so happy to talk about them. When I was asked to do this cake I was a little nervous. I already had the wedding booked but I thought, "I like a challenge." I was asked about fondant but felt that the buttercream could really give it some texture and allow me to blend the different blues to create more of an ocean look. I left Anthony in charge of the beluga whale because he kept saying "its going to be so easy." My response, "Great! Have at it!" When it actually came time to make it he kept asking, "How am I going to do this?" Well I'm not exactly sure where he started or how he did it but he did and here is our finished product. Enjoy.

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